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Talent Acquisition Consultant


Dedicated, energetic, strategic... Many adjectives can describe him, but Christopher prefers to go by Mister Tenacity! During his university cursus, while studying advertising and marketing at Université de Montréal, he soon realized that his creativity and sharp business acumen would lead him to a promising career.

As an undergraduate, he then took a Digital Solutions Consultant position at the Yellow Pages Group, with the firm intention of developing a deep understanding of the relationship that linked the company to its customers. His goal: to eventually get promoted within the marketing unit – an approach which ultimately allowed him to be appointed Go to Market Strategy Manager and to obtain recognition by senior management for his unique perspective on sales organization.

While immersing himself in the agency and consulting world, he cements his reputation as a sales & marketing expert and after working on solving marketing issues for more than 1,000 companies of all sizes, Christopher turns to La Tête Chercheuse to take on his next challenge.