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Talent Acquisition Consultant


In addition to her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from Université de Montréal, Jessica has cumulated 10 years of experience in journalism and public relations. She’s passionate about communications as a field and is well at ease with people and interpersonal exchanges, which she finds bring great value to her day to day work.

Known as Miss Transparency, she is challenge and goal-driven and the focus of her approach is rooted in great listening capabilities, mutual understanding, openness, compassion, determination and honesty. Customer relations being one of her core strengths, Jessica masters the art of consulting, all while making it a point to always let the different parties involved in her work processes know the right time of day.

Jessica’s professional network extends from the media (press, television, radio, magazines), where she’s created and still maintains solid bridges with key industry actors, to 360 type (Cossette in MarCom and digital) and boutique but also global network PR firms of the likes of DDMG Communications, Porter Novelli and Citoyen Optimum. Trustworthy, she can reasonably question things in the right contexts and knows to seize opportunities. As such, La Tête Chercheuse considers Jessica a great advisor who strives to continuously create “the right fits” for each employer/employee.