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Talent Acquisition Consultant


It all starts with a smile. For Karl, seeing life on the bright side is more than a leitmotiv – it's a way of life. Curious by nature, our Mister Pragmatic enjoys grasping the context surrounding things and loves to go beyond simple appearances to see the best in each person and every situation.

Born in Paris, where he also grew up and pursued some of his dreams, he’s always remained close to his more rational side, which led him to complete his university studies in Economics and Management. Following completion of his degree, his creative spirit and love for communications and media both segued him into the world of advertising.

After several years spent in agency, where he got to accompany various international brands in several sectors such as food, automotive or video games, he joined La Tête Chercheuse, accepting by doing so to take on the opportunity to showcase his business understanding, all while putting his empathy and desire to help people succeed in their projects and achieve their dreams to valuable contribution.