A unique tool on the market

To make subjectivity objective, La Tête Chercheuse has developed its own unique tool on the market:
The Talent Tracker
Built on a grid of skills and attitudes, The Talent Tracker can identify the candidates that best match the criteria and the values of your company.
The Talent Tracker plays a major role during our five phases of the hiring process:

The Talent Tracker
EXPLORE the needs + DEFINE the criteria

This is the first step. It involves selecting and defining the required criteria. It is the critical briefing involving the client.

The Talent Tracker
SEARCH the marketplace + FIND the stars

La Tête Chercheuse has mastered the art of developing search strategies to unearth pearls that more precisely meet the defined criteria.

The Talent Tracker
PRESENT the finalists + ESTABLISH the best

Here, the client meets and evaluates the proposed candidates, comparing their vision with that of La Tête Chercheuse before finalizing their selection.

The Talent Tracker
VERIFY the references +CONFIRM the selection

La Tête Chercheuse ensures that nothing is left to chance. A minimum of five (5) references, provided by the candidate, are thoroughly investigated in light of the original criteria.

The Talent Tracker
VALIDATE the candidates performance + CHECK client satisfaction

After one year of employment, La Tête Chercheuse performs a follow-up with both the client and the candidate. An evaluation is performed based on motivation, abilities and "fit" with the company culture. This provides La Tête Chercheuse with a constant measurement of success rates and satisfaction levels.