La Tête Chercheuse designs relevant, creative, interactive and efficient trainings

In recent years, La Tête Chercheuse has designed and facilitated relevant , creative, interactive and efficient training mandates.

Here are some examples of recent trainings tailored for our clients' needs:
  • The mind of a leader: Developing leadership
  • Think differently: Creativity vs. Innovation
  • Managerial skills for today's leader
  • Team collaboration
  • Co-development in action
  • Pass the bucket: Collective brainstorming
  • Innovate or die: Lead change
  • The art of being customer centric
  • The language of leaders
  • Work with passion
  • Act for change
  • Developing team spirit
  • Etc.

Contact us for a unique and different type of training and ensure OUR MINDS ARE PUT TO WORK FOR YOU!